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The Solus by Reify: Another Addition to the Line of Low Cost DLP 3D Printers
The Solus by Reify: Another Addition to the Line of Low Cost DLP 3D Printers

The Solus by Reify: Another Addition to the Line of Low Cost DLP 3D Printers

There are two ways in which the commercialization of 3D printing can be scaled exponentially. The first approach involves the adoption of the technology by global manufacturing industries. The second approach deals with making 3D printers an accessible commodity for consumers who have a limited budget. As of this moment, the latter seems to be a harder challenge than the former. How can you possibly convince people to start buying machines that print three dimensional objects? It sounds incredibly cool, but there is a great degree of complexity involved. The complex nature of 3D printers is exactly what scares people away from buying the product. Consumers do not know enough about 3D printers to start experimenting with the machines. In addition to that, the widespread belief that 3D printers are incredibly expensive and hard to purchase makes it even more difficult for people to consider spending their hard earned money on a machine that appears to be more of a novelty product than something that would become the ultimate tool for personalization in the near future. One way of bulldozing the negative stereotypes is by offering low cost 3D printers to the consumers. This is exactly what companies such as Reify are doing through their relatively inexpensive product, the Solus printer.

The Upcoming $1,000 DLP 3D Printer

The Solus printer is a brand new, low-cost DLP 3D printer that has been on the news for quite some time now. The manufacturers have done a brilliant job of making this product’s presence known in the printing community. From what we have gathered, the Solus printer is going to be a high resolution, desktop 3D printer that will work in combination with XGA and HD projectors to produce highly detailed prints. Technically speaking, it is not the most advanced 3D printer in the world, but that is not what is really needed to make this product appealing to consumers. It is not yet available for purchase, meaning that the customers will have to wait a little longer before they can get their hands on this attention drawing commodity. However, it will not be long before the company heads to Indiegogo and starts selling their machine for an approximate price of $1,000. A thousand dollars may sound like a lot, but when you realize that you paid a little less than that to buy your iPhone, you begin to understand the value of having a low cost DLP 3D printer at your disposal.

Great Build Volume, Fantastic Components and a Patent Pending Peeling System

The Solus printer has a build volume of 11 x 14.5 x 20 cm. This gives Reify the license to boast that their low cost DLP 3D printer will be able to print resolutions of up to 25 microns on the XY axis with an incredibly smooth surface quality. The product will be able to achieve such impressive resolutions courtesy of the high quality components that have been used to craft it. One of these components is a stepper motor that comes with a precision led screw and a professional grade anti-backlash nut. These industrial terms may go over your head, but as a consumer, you can be assured that Reify are doing a great job of building an impressive product using the best materials available to them. In addition to these components, the company has stated that they are going to incorporate a patent pending peeling system into their DLP 3D printer which will allow the user to remove prints. As a result, there will be no need to remove, replace or re-coat the resin tank over time.

XGA and HD Projectors

The Solus printer has been fitted in with extendable legs. This allows the unit to accommodate a variety of projectors. That being said, the product has been specifically designed to function with the XGA (1024 x 768) and HD (1920 x 1080) projectors. With the XGA, the Solus will have a build volume ranging from 5.1 x 3.8 x 20 cm to 14.5 x 11 x 20 cm. This build volume will allow the 3D printer to produce resolutions between 50 and 140 microns. HD projectors on the other hand will give the Solus a build volume of 4.8 x 2.7 x 20 cm. As a result of that, the XY resolutions will measure somewhere between 25-76 microns.

Software for The Solus

Besides the remarkable hardware, Reify has come up with a software that is intended to generate support structures and calibrate the resolution of prints as well as the build area. With this software in place, the machine will be compatible with a variety of resins. The users will get to customize the settings to make the DLP 3D printer work with specific materials of their choice. The list of materials includes the company’s own resin line, which is a decent material to work with.

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