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Uses of a 3D Printer: 5 Useful Household Items that can be 3D Printed
Uses of a 3D Printer: 5 Useful Household Items that can be 3D Printed

Uses of a 3D Printer: 5 Useful Household Items that can be 3D Printed

When 3D printing was in its formative years, there was a lot of discussion about how one day people would no longer feel the need to get out of their homes and go into the stores to buy essential household items. For the last couple of decades or so, the vision for 3D printing has been to make the lives of the consumer much easier by bringing the production process inside their homes. Instead of going out to buy household items, 3D printing can enable people to produce those items from the comfort of their own homes. This is great news for the modern man who has very limited time in his hands. If you did not have to make all those random trips to the supermarket to fetch supplies for your home, you could have saved an incredible amount of time that could have been utilized in more rewarding and resourceful activities. If you live far away from the supply stores, then you could avoid the hassle of being stuck in traffic by bringing home a 3D printer that will allow you to produce your own goods inside the house.

The consumer applications for the 3D printer are very simple and rudimentary to say the least. All you need to do is download pre-made designs from the internet (for which you will be charged) and print them on to the existing materials that are fed to the 3D printer. By doing this, you will not only save time, but also grant yourself more room for personalization and product customization. Since you are selecting pre-made designs from the internet, your options will be far less restricted. You can select the colour, the size, the shape and even the kind of material that you want the item to be 3D printed in.

Consumer applications for the 3D printer are yet to be fully commercialized, which means that you cannot print anything and everything that your heart desires (not yet). However, there are quite a few exciting household items that you can print today if you have a 3D printer at your home. Here is a list of five:

1) Measuring Cup Set

This is a must have kitchen tool for anyone who prepares meals at their home. A set of measuring cups is something that people often forget to purchase when they move into a new home. Even though it is extremely useful, it is something that is hard to remember when you are jotting down a list of things that you need to buy for the new house. With a 3D printer at home, you can have the convenience of printing of a set of measuring cups when you realize that you have forgotten to buy them from the departmental store. Besides, when it comes to buying small items like these, people are often reluctant to take the trip to the supermarket. As a result, a lot of people spend the first few days in a new kitchen without any measuring cups to rely on.

2) Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Small products are often the ones that are the most useful. For instance, the toothpaste tube squeezer is something that every household could make use of. Everybody is well aware of how annoying it is to squeeze the toothpaste tub in an attempt to get a little bit of the paste on your toothbrush. This task becomes even more agitating when you are in an early morning rush to reach school or your work place. A tube squeezer can make your life much easier, but does anybody have the time to go out looking for one? Thankfully, with the 3D printer, you can print a tube squeezer that is going to perfectly fit your toothpaste tube and save you some valuable seconds early in the morning.

3) Citrus Juicer

A lot of people are under the impression that pre-packaged fruit juices are healthy for the body. Unfortunately, they are not. If you want a healthy fruity drink, you need to make one of your own. To make a glass of fresh, unadulterated fruit juice, you could use a homemade 3D printed citrus juicer crafted from a material of your choice.

4) Combination Safe

Contrary to popular belief, 3D printers can actually produce some of the more technical and complex household items. For example, you could easily 3D print a combination safe. There are some pretty decent digital designs available for this object. This means that you can keep your precious items in something that’s a lot more appealing than a boring grey metal locker.

5) Garden Hose Flow Controller

3D printers allow you to create objects that can be attached to existing household items. The garden hose flow controller is the perfect example of such an object. 3D printed items such as these are proof that 3D printing technology can be used in combination with traditional manufacturing techniques to produce hybrid products.

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