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Z Corporation’s Proprietary 3D Printing Technology
Z Corporation’s Proprietary 3D Printing Technology

Z Corporation’s Proprietary 3D Printing Technology

The 3D printing industry is still in its days of infancy if you compare it to the other industries in the United States. 3D printers or the 3D printing technology has only been around for about three decades. Over the last few years, the industry has seen significant progress courtesy of a much needed influx of manufacturers. There was a time when the 3D printing space was controlled by a handful of companies. Nowadays, you have numerous start ups that are coming up with groundbreaking innovations nearly every single month. Despite that, some of the major players in this space have still retained considerable control of this industrial dominion. One such major player is Z Corporation.

Z Corporation’s 3DP Technology and Printers

The Z Corporation has a proprietary prototyping process that goes by the name of Three Dimensional Printing technology (commonly referred to as 3DP). As the name suggests, the 3DP technology is used to construct three dimensional physical prototypes using a technique that involves solidifying layers of deposited powder with the help of a special liquid binder. 3DP is described as an extremely versatile and rapid prototyping process that has the ability to accommodate the changing complexities of numerous applications. It also has the capacity to support different kinds of filament materials.

According to the history books, Z Corporation was the pioneer of commercializing the 3DP technology across the United States. The commercialization of the technology is what led to the creation of industrial and consumer grade 3D printers. By making use of the proprietary 3DP technology, Z Corporation has been creating advanced 3D printers that are capable of operating at unprecedented speeds. These printers are also meant to provide consumers with easy access to 3D printing technology as they are low cost commodities. In addition to that, the Z Corporation 3D printers are designed to perform a wide range of applications. Essentially, these 3D printers were made to be the ultimate 3D printing package.

Fast Printing

Z Corporation claims that its 3D printing is the speediest additive technology that is commercially available in the market. Z Corporation’s additive manufacturing machines are uniquely designed and are quite different from the other 3D printers that you are being produced in the industry today. It uses inkjet print heads that have a resolution of 600 dots per inch. In other words, the machine uses a drop-on demand approach when crafting a 3D model. According to the officials at Z Corporation, the 3DP technology is the only one that is worthy of creating true 3D inkjet printers. The advantage of having a 3D inkjet printer is that it allows multiple parts to be printed at the same time (something that cannot be achieved with most of the 3D printers out there in the market). Z Corp’s highly accurate inkjet implementation means that only high definition, quality parts come out of the 3D printer. With the Z Corp’s 3D printer models, the entire build area can be utilized by the user. This is why the printer is able to print multiple parts simultaneously. This drastically reduces the total number of builds as well as the processing time.

Vibrant Colour Prints

Most 3D printers are capable of producing coloured 3D models. Z Corp’s printers take things up a notch. It applies the proven 2D colour inkjet methodology to a 3D environment to produce the only 3D printer in the market with 24-bit, full-colour capabilities. One of the problems with colour 3D printing is that many of the software packages do not provide an easy way to produce 3D files that contain colour data or information. To solve this problem, Z Corporation has developed the trademarked Z Edit software. This is a Microsoft Windows based program that makes it easier for the users to add colour data to the digital files. As a result, the colours on the final 3D model are greatly enhanced to meet the specific requirements of the user and the application.

High Resolution Models

High resolution 3D printing was first introduced by Z Corporation in the year 2005. It took years of research to produce Z Corp’s highly engineered inkjet print heads that come with 600 dpi and other high resolution capabilities. The engineered print heads are leveraged in combination with the proprietary firmware to exercise superior control of the print during the 3D printing process. As a result, the colours are deposited in the designated area with utmost precision. The Z Corp 3D printers control the print head movement despite being placed incredibly close to the powder. As a result of this, inaccuracies associated with the fanning of the binder spray are significantly reduced.

The high resolution of the models may tempt you to think that Z Corp’s printers are very expensive, but in reality, they are quite affordable. The main reason for that is because the printers produce minimal waste.

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